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Diecai Hill

Brief / profile
As one of the most famous tourist resorts in Guilin, Diecai Hill also called Folded Brocade Hill is blessed with marvelous landscape and stone carvings on the wall, attracting millions of tourists every year.


It’s located on the west bank of Li River in the northeast of Guilin City.

Why got its this name

This hill earns this name since the stratified rocks on the hill look like brocades.

Diecai Hill became famous 1,000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty. At that time, many poets and writers came here and collecting poetic inspirations from the charming surrounding landscape. Moreover, a lot of poems were inscribed on the cliffs from the ancient times.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

Formed by limestone and gray rock, this hill includes Wind Cave, Cloud-Catching Pavilion, Diecai Pavilion as well as numerous stones with inscriptions. The first stop for your tour will be the Diecai Pavilion with an area of 64 square kilometers on the mountainside of Bright Moon Peak. This pavilion is surrounded by Bright Moon Peak to the north, Yuyue Hill to the east and Siwang Hill to the west. After Diecai Pavilion, the Wind Cave is waiting for you. It penetrates the Bright Moon Peak. Moreover, its most distinctive feature is the changing temperature of the wind. Cool breeze always blows into this cave no matter how hot outside. Therefore, it’s also known as the “Cool World”. Besides the wind, there’re still many rock carvings inside and outside of the cave. Also almost 100 Buddha images can be found here. Besides, places such as Yuyue Pavilion, Huanbi Garden and Wood Dragon Cave are all worth having a visit. After touring these scenic spots, you can go to the butterfly museum with various butterflies on show on the top of the hill.

Present condition
At present, a park has been founded in this place and can make your tour more delightful.
Tourists can get there by bus No. 58(free), 2 and 13.

Admission fee.
This admission fee for this sightseeing destination is RMB 20.
it’s open to the public from 8:00 to 18:30 and the recommended time for this tour is 1.5 hours.


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