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Fuli Village

Brief / profile
Fuli Village is a tranquil and quaint village with cobble-paved street and stone-made houses.

This village is just across the Li River from Yangshuo and 8 kilometers east of Yangshuo County.

As an ancient town, it boasts a history of 800 years.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

Fuli Village has 2 faces: one is the new town on one side which is next to the main road leading to Guangdong Province while on the other side is the old town on the bank of Li River. The old town still keeps the ancient appearance with all the old houses and simple life of local people. Besides, visitors will have the chance to taste the featured fruit here- litchi which is available all the year round. Wandering around the street in the village, you will feel the ancient local flavor and have an memorable experience here.

The local minivans used as buses leave from Yangshuo bus station. However, the best way to Fuli Village is by bike.



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