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Impression on Sanjie Liu

Brief / profile
As the biggest performance with natural stage on water, Impression of Liusanjie is a major production with 500 singers, dancers, bamboo boats and cormorants bids. The performance creatively mixes the classical Sanjie Liu's Songs, ethnic groups’ Culture and the fishing lights together to reflect the harmonious atmosphere between human beings and the nature. It lasts for 70 minutes and 600 plus actors and actress join in. The auditorium is situated on the natural islands of the river with the audience standing on the designed terraces surrounded by green plants. The sound equipment here cannot be seen. As the time passing, different weather offers different views, so you will always have unique experience every time you watch it. This is really a brand-new opera using nature as an integral part of its performers, so the performance got its name - 'Human's Masterpiece Cooperated with the God'.


Located at the joining point of Lijiang River and Tianjia River, the theatre faces the widely-known Scholar's Page Hill across the river.

Why got its this name

The performance is based on a Chinese musical movie made in 1961. The story is about a lady called Liu SanJie who lived in the city of Liuzhou (2 hours from Guilin) where she worked in the fields.

It’s a great work of man and god. The auditorium looks like a green terrace with an overall vision. Sitting there, the audience can enjoy the natural scenery in an area of 2 kms along the river. Lighting and stereo sets are designed by cover means. There are 2200 seats for the audience, of which 2000 are for the ordinary people, 180 for VIPs and 20 for presidents in the auditorium.

The performance was staged on March 20th, 2004 at the Sanjie Liu Sing Fair, one mile from West Street (Xi Jie).

Admission fee
The price for common seat is RMB188, VIP seat RMB320 and President seat RMB680.

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