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Lotus Cave

Brief / profile
Famous for the karst cave scenery, the Lotus Cave is a hot sightseeing destination in China. Of all the landscape here, the 108 Cave lotuses radiate the most shining luster, attracting numerous visitors every year.


It is located 3 kilometers northeast of Xingping Town, Yangshuo County.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
The Lotus Cave is in a bottle-like shape with its mouth as the narrowest section. It’s about 600 meters long, 38 meters high at the highest point and 25 meters across the widest part. Of all the landscapes here, the following should never be neglected.
Also called the Lotus Petals Suspended Upside Down, A cluster of stalactites hanging upside at the entrance is really outstanding. Once appreciating the lotus, you must be impressed by the great natural works.
About 100 meters away from the entrance, 2 slots in the wall zigzag into the inner cave and just like 2 flying dragons which are named “Two Dragons Creeping out of the Cave”. Moreover, a piece of stalactite can make sweet sounds when knocked; therefore, people gave a beautiful name: “Stone of Hepachord”.
Besides, the surface of the lotus pond is dotted with 108 stone plates. Since the plates are really like lotus leaves, people also call them cave lotuses. What’s more striking is several cave pearls beset in each plate just like the seeds of lotuses.
However, there’re more charming scenic spots in this cave waiting for your enjoyment and expedition when traveling here.

Visitors can take a regular autobus from Yangshuo to Xingping and then make a transfer to this place.

Admission fee.

The admission fee for this scenic spot is RMB 50.
It’s open to the public from 9:00 to 17:00 and the advised time for this visit is one hour.



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