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Mapang Drum Tower of Sanjiang

Brief / profile
Mapang Drum Tower of Sanjiang is the most well-known tower among the roughly 160 drum towers in and around Sanjiang County, whose base is 169 square meters. As a 9-story tower, it’s blessed with all the representative architectural features of Dong drum towers.

Mapang Drum Tower stands in Mapang Village in the Autonomous Region of Dong Nationality, approximately 28 kilometers from Sanjiang County.

In a square shape, this tower is 15 meters high and 11 meters wide. 12 wooden pillars on the periphery of the tower hold the elegant eaves on each floor, symbolizing 12 months in a year. 4 greater pillars inside soaring to the top of the tower are just like 4 seasons in a year. Various paintings are carved on the beams. In addition, the roof of the tower is covered with green tiles.


The Mapang Drum Tower was originally constructed in the Qing Dynasty and got through damage by fire several times during its long history. The tower we see today was rebuilt in 1943.

Present condition
At present, Dong people will gather in front of the tower to hold celebrations during festivals.

Admission fee.
Furthermore, the admission fee for this scenic spot is RMB 10.



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