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Seven Star Cave

Brief / profile
Once called Qi Xia Cave, Seven-Star Cave with three floors is one popular scenic part of Seven-Star Park within Guilin, Guangxi. China. It's about 1 kilometer long. The widest place of it is 43 meters and the highest 27 meters. The average temperature is about 20 Celsius level. The water keeps flowing from the rock cracks and the lights shining in the cave that make the cave look like a crystal palace. There are eight main spots of the scenic: Six Caves Heaven, Tow Caves Mansion, Cave in Cave and so on.

Why got its this name
The cave got its name because the seven peaks look like the star pattern of the Big Dipper constellation nearby - four peaks in the north are called Putuo Hill, three in the south are called Lunar Hill.

Function or value in the past
Seven Star Cave was a tourist destination attracting many literators in Sui and Tang Dynasty (581-907A.D.).

The cave consists of three parts. The upper part is too high and steep to reach while the lower part is an underground river channel and is also inaccessible. The middle part, 814 meters long with the widest place of 49 meters and the highest of 27 meters, is the main sightseeing area. The temperature here is 20 centigrade degree in the whole year becoming an ideal place for tourists.

The history of Seven-star cave can be tracked back to Tang Dynasty (1,300 years ago).About 1,000,000 years ago, the area was an ocean. As time went by, the changing crust upgraded the channel up, so we can see the beautiful cave today.

Legend and Story
It's rumored that in 1852, the second year of Emperor Xianfeng of Ch'ing Dynasty, the army of uprising called Taipin Tianguo ("Heavenly Kingdom of Peace"), set up its command station in the Qi Xia Temple.

Present condition

Artificial lighting system has been equipped in this cave to fully display the enchanting scenes to visitors at present.

Admisson fee
Tourists should pay RMB30 to enter Seven Star Park, and an additional 20 RMB for Seven Star Cave.
It is very cool in the cave, so it's a good place to go in summer. In the cave, the problem is that you may get cold, so take an overcoat with you.



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