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Seven Stars Park

Brief / profile
Covering an area of more than 120 hectares (297 acres), Seven Stars Park is the largest integrative and the most marvelous park with the longest history in Guilin. Tourists can enjoy fantastic hills, rivers, caves and rocks here. The main scenic views include Flower Bridge, Putuo Mountain, Seven Stars Cave, Camel Hill, Crescent Mountain, Guihai Stele Forest and Light of China Square. It has been a sightseeing resort since the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties.

It’s situated on the eastern side of the Li River, 1 kilometer from the city.

Why got its this name

Seven Star Park got its name because the seven peaks (four peaks in the north are called Putuo Hill; three in the south are called Lunar Hill. The famous Seven Star cave is located at the Putuo Hill) look like the shape of the Big Dipper constellation. While there's also another tale: the seven peaks of Mountain Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth.

Flower Bridge-a 5-arch bridge in the park, is famous for its delicate pattern. Putuo Peak is the top resort in the park because of its karst caves and pavilions. Among the caves is Seven Star Cave- an underground river a million years ago with three stories in the cave. Guihai Stele Grotto is to the south of Yueya Hill. The Grotto is a natural museum with a great number of valuable ancient stone tablets and inscriptions. To the east of Seven-Star Hill is the Camel Hill.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
"Seven-star Peaks", "Morning of Camel Hill", "Crescent Rainbow Shadow" and "Putuo Stone Forest" are the representative sights in the park.

Legend and Story

The seven peaks of Mountain Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth.

Tourists can take bus No 6,10,11,13 and 14 to Seven Star Park.
Admission fee.
The entrance fee is RMB 65 including RMB30 fee for the caves.



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