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Shutong Hill

Brief / profile
The Shutong Hill also called Schoolboy Hill is the smallest peak along the Li River, attracting numerous visitors and photographers every year owing to its beauty and charming surroundings.

This peak lies at the confluence of the Tianjia River and Li River, roughly 2 kilometers from the southeast of Yangshuo County.

Why got its this name
Since it looks like a schoolboy in loose robe reading attentively, thus this hill earns this name.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
Shutong Hill is a rock with the height of 10 meters. Lying on the south of Shutong Hill, the magnificent Chanticleer Hill is just like a rooster crowing in the dawn. This hill along with Shutong Hill forms a painting of “studying in dawn”. On the east of Shutong Hill stands Zhuobi Peak in a shape of an upside-down brush. All of these landscapes are reflected in the tranquil Li River just like a marvelous scenery picture. To the west of the hill is Tianjia Bay beset with bamboos and villages. In addition, ancient architecture and bridges are along those hills and the Li River. All of these must give you a fresh and memorable experience.

Legend and Story

Moreover, there’s also a legend on Shutong Hill. It’s said that a long time ago, an evil dragon lived in the Li River. It often hovered on the river and did harm to the local people. Until one day, a schoolboy got a sealed book telling him how to defeat this creature from his teacher. The dragon would fell into the river once seeing this book. For fear that it might play possum, the boy stood by the river, holding the book. At last, he turned to be hill to protect the local people.

As for how to get this scenic spot, taking a bike is the most convenient way.

For those photographers, it’s more favorable to shoot in late autumn.



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