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West Street of Yangshuo

Brief / profile
West Street of Yangshuo is the oldest street as well as the most prosperous district in Yangshuo. Attracted by the unique integration of cultures, over 100,000 overseas tourists come here when traveling in Yangshuo every year. Foreigners outnumber Chinese here, thus the West Street is also called “Foreigners’ Street”. Besides the local accent of Yangshuo, English has become the language for daily use.

It’s located at the center of Yangshuo-the most beautiful town along the Li River.

With a history of over 1,400 years, this street was built in 590 during the Sui Dynasty. Over so many years, it’s still well preserved, maintaining its glamour in the old days. Since the 1980’s, numerous foreigners from all over the world have swarmed into this place. West Street thus has been a window of eastern and western culture as well as the largest foreign language center across China.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

With the total length of 517 meters and width of 8 meters, this street is entirely paved with marble. Buildings along the street have a typical architectural style of Northern Guangxi. All cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels are decorated uniquely with signs in both Chinese and other languages. Walking on such a modern street, you will sense both eastern and western flavors. Moreover, you will have the chance to have a try of the local dishes and snacks with the beer fish as the most popular dish in this area. Moreover, when enjoying the scenery along the street, having a sip of coffee is also a good choice for relaxation. Meanwhile, there’re a lot souvenir shops, so you can go to these places to look around and it will be worthwhile to buy some when having a tour here.

Besides, since this street is a pedestrian street, motor vehicles are prohibited from entering. Moreover, West Street is just several minutes on foot from Yangshuo Bus Station. Therefore, walking is the best



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