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Brief / profile
As one of the 4 most well-known ancient towns in Guangxi Province, Xingping is blessed with still waters, undulated hills, historic interests and many other scenic spots.

63 km from Guilin, this town stands at the foot of Wuzhi (five fingers) Hill and on the east bank of the Li River.

Once as the largest town along the Li River, Xingping was originally established in 265 during the Three Kingdoms Period and named Xiping County. After the founding of Yangshuo County in 590, Xingping became a part of it. today,? it’s still under the administration of Yangshuo County. Until now, Xingping boasts a history of more than 1,000 years.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

The town is endowed with a large number of enthralling landscapes. At the entrance lies a deep pool. Looking down, you can see the extremely clear water, but can not the bottom of the pool.
3 kilometers northeast of Xingping stands the recently opened Lotus Cave with the length of over 6oo meters and width of 2 meters. The most outstanding scene is the stalactites in various shapes.
Here, you can also have a tour of the historic resorts such as Xingping Old Street and Fishing Village. With the length of 1 kilometer, Xingping Old Street is a stone street boasts ancient brick buildings and assembly halls. As for the Fishing Village, it has a history of almost 500 years. This village symbolizes the architectural style in Guangxi Province during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.
Not far from the Fishing Village is Water-Dropping Village which owns a waterfall whose water is used for making wine.
In addition, the charm of Xingping is largely enhanced by its surrounding hills such as Wuzhi (five fingers) Hill, Sengni Hill, Carp Hill, Bijia Hill, Meiny Hilland Snail Hill as others.

As for how to get to this town, regular minibuses from Yangshou to Xingping are available at the bus station. Therefore, tourists can take a minibus. Moreover, we advise you to go there by bike. In addition, since Xingping is such a small town, walking is also a good way to look around.



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