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Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden

Brief / profile
The Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden boasts a large number of natural scenery, attractive pavilions as well as 3 well-known cultural relics, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world every year.


This park stands in the southeast of Yangshuo County.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery
Once entering the garden and walking southward, you will find the marble-paved Jingguan Path (Scenery Path). On the cliff along this path is more than 20 inscriptions created in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, most of which are great works of famous poets and scholars. The most outstanding oe is the inscription of the Chinese character “dai” with the height of 5.73 meters and width of 3 meters created by Wang Yuanren-a magistrate in Yangshuo during the Qing Dynasty.
To the north of the Jingguan Path is the Jianshan Building constructed in 713. Occupying an area of 5,589 square meters, the path is the largest and most magnificent one in Guangxi at present.
To the east of this building lies the Yingjiang Pavilion on the mountainside. This is an eight-angled pavilion with 2 stories. Here, visitors can get different views of landscapes.
In addition, there’re still many other scenery worth having a visit such as rock formations, flowing streams and waterfalls. Thanks to all of these marvelous landscapes, you should never forget to have a tour here once coming to Yangshuo.

Admission fee
The admission fee for this sightseeing spot is RMB 35.
It’s open to the public from 8:00 to 17:30.


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