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Yangshuo Market

Brief / profile
The Yangshuo Market is a local market for handicrafts.

It lies in Xijie Road, Yangshuo County.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
One of the popular handcrafts in the market is the drawing fan. In the past, scholars visiting Yangshuo and Li River always held a drawing fan in their hands. As a result of this, the drawing fan in Yangshuo has enjoyed popularity since the ancient time. Moreover, the whole market is also a world of bamboo products thanks to the abundance of bamboo in Yangshuo. There’re a large number of products made of bamboo. You must feast your eyes on these bamboo products.
Another thing about the market we need to mention is that the local sellers are really good at speaking English particularly when bargaining with buyers. in addition, there’re various fruits and vegetables available in the market including fresh oranges, kumquats, mangoes and others. Moreover, dog meat, rice-paddy eels, soft shelled turtles etc must surprise western tourists.
Also visitors still can buy some souvenirs such as spices and flavourings before the tour ends.

In order to get to the market, you should follow the orange carts and turn left into a warehouse which is used for housing farmer’s markets in a lot of Asian countries.


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