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Yellow Cloth Shoal

Brief / profile
As an ideal place to enjoy the reflection of peaks in the water, the Yellow Cloth Shoal boasts a charming picture of landscapes with lush bamboos and green peaks under cerulean sky.


This shoal is located nearly 500 meters downstream southward from Mural Hill and 60 kilometers from Guilin City.

Why got its this name

It looks like a piece of yellow cloth since a huge yellow flagstone under the clear water. Thus the shoal got this name.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
A stone like a monkey holding a watermelon stands on the hill at the east side of Li River and the next one looks like a bear lying on its back. While at the west side, you will visit a stone called Lady-in-waiting Holding the Crown Prince due to its resemblance of a woman with a baby in her arms.
Seven graceful peaks in different size lie on both banks of the shoal. Those peaks enjoy the name of “Seven Fairy Maidens Descending to the World”.
On a clear day, you will find the reflections of the seven peaks are really vivid and can not distinguish them from real ones.
The enjoyment of the lifelike and picturesque sight here must give you memorable experience.

Legend and Story

In addition, there’s a legend on the seven peaks alongside. It’s said that the seven peaks are actually fairy girls from the heaven. One day, they traveled to Li River and were greatly attracted by the fascinating landscape here. Therefore, they lingered here for a long time. Later, Jade Emperor annoyed and ordered them to return. However, the seven fairy girls turned themselves into peaks and stayed here forever.


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