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Yulong River

Brief / profile
As a major branch of the Li River, the Yulong River is also named Little Li River, winding through rice paddies, fishing ponds, farmhouses and karst hills. This river is around 43 kilometers long with a water area of about 158 square kilometers. The clear water perfectly combines with ancient bridges and peaks along the water, making Yulong River an ideal resort for photographers and visitors.


The river rises from Lingui County, Yangshuo.

Why got its this name

“Yulong” in Chinese means meeting a dragon. According to a legend, local people saw a dragon several times, thus they named the river “Yulong Rvier”.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.
Here, tourists will get a vivid view of landscape with crystal water running through valleys. Farmers are working in the field, village girls washing outside and old men fishing in the river and smoke roaring upward from chimneys. The surrounding lush bamboo forests and undulated hills make it much more marvelous. You can sense the simple rural life and will forget all your troubles in your life and have a good relaxation when enjoying this idyllic scenery. Moreover, you still should not miss the scenic spots along Yulong River such as Five-Finger Hill, Lion Hill, Butterfly Spring and Moon Hill and so on.

Legend and Story

Besides, there’s still a legend about this river: a dragon from the East Sea roamed about Yulong River and was deeply attracted by the picturesque scenery here. Therefore, he determined to stay here forever. Local villagers had seen it for several times and later they called the river Yulong River.

Tourists can take a bus from Yangshuo to Guilin and get off at Baisha Town and then take a tricycle taxi to this attraction. In addition, you can still get there by bike. When reaching there, you can have a tour of Yulong River by bamboo raft or just on foot. Different ways will give you different experiences.

Admission fee.

The admission fee for this river is RMB 120.


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