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Yuzi Paradise

Brief / profile
Occupying an area of 1320 acres, Yuzi Paradise is one of the world’s largest modern outdoor art gardens exhibiting mainly contemporary sculpture and cavern art. This park must meet expectations from tourists.


It stands in Yanshan District of Yangshuo County and 30 km from Guilin.

Why got its this name

In Chinese, “Yuzi” means stupid one. The sponsor said he established this garden to realize his dream rather than make money. Someone held that he was stupid since he was an entrepreneur. Thus the garden got this name.

Yuzi Paradise was founded by Rhy-Chang Tsao a Taiwanese entrepreneur in 1988. After having gained his fortune by running a funerary complex, he started this garden with the aim to giving back to life.

Architecture / Structure / Each scenery.

The garden with the International Sculpture Park as its main body boasts a large scale of sculpture and art from all over the world. More than 200 artists from 47 countries have donated their works to Yuzi Paradise.
The project is composed of 2 parts. The first part consists of an International Sculpture Park with living room, an art salon, art village, opera theatre and teaching display area. While the second part is still under construction and expected to be finished in several years. It mainly focuses on the exploration of cavern art including an art cavern, a cavern gallery and a history cavern.
Besides, tourists should not worry about your dining here since buffets, cafes and others are available in the park.

Present condition
At present, 2 hotels have been added to this park, making it much more convenient. Furthermore, a series of art caves will also be carved in the mountainside.


Tourists can take a bus to Dabu at Yangshuo Bus Station and then transfer to a motorcycle cabbie. In addition, you can still get there by bus at Guilin long-distance bus station between 6:40 to 18:20.

Admission fee.

The admission fee for this attraction is RMB 80 for general tour and RMB 100 for VIP tour.
It’s open to the public from 8:30 to 18:30.


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