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Guilin Li River Cruise

Li River cruise profile
Originating from Maoer Shan (Cat Mountain) in Xing'an county, north of Guilin, the Li River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world due to its natural beauty.
It runs from north to south through Guilin city , Yangshuo, Pingle and Wuzhou, and then flows as tributary into the Xijiang River. The total length of the Li River is 437 kilometers and the most popular section is between Guilin and Yangshuo.
A trip along the Li River is one of the highlights of a holiday in China.
The 83 km long cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is like an artist's masterpiece, which show your beautiful countryside, bamboo forests, dense reed-beds and spectacular rock formations.

Photo of Li River Cruise
Li River Cruise

How Long Time to Spend on Li River Cruise tour from Guilin to Yangshuo
You should be transferred from Guilin to Zhujiang Pier, which is 40 minutes' driving from Guilin city.
The cruise tour taks 4 to 5 hours to reach Yangshuo. And then, you may stay overnight in Yangshuo or be transferred back to Guilin.

Attractions passed by in Li River Cruise tour
Li River Cruise tour will past Pierced Hill (Chuanshan), Clean Vase Hill (Jingpingshan), Embroidery Hill (Xiushan), Picture Hill (Huashan).

Best Season of Li River Cruise tour
Li River is beautiful in all 4 seasons. But suggest you skip December, January and February because the water level is low in the river althought the price is less expensive during this period.

Food of Li River Cruise
Lunch is served on board and the cost is included in the ticket. But don't expect a great feast.

Boat of Li River Cruise Tour
You may get some info from the photo below:
Li River Cruise Boat

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